r.le programs

Lars Schylberg larss at fmi.kth.se
Mon Mar 1 05:03:32 EST 1993

I have tried to compile the r.le.programs and have run into some
problems that I would like to share with the grass community for advise.
I managed to compile r.le.trace but with most other modules I failed.

In some of the modules the include file dirent.h is used. This file seems
to be part of unix sys5, which is the main flavour of Suns.  I am however 
using bsd4.3 on our apollos.  Is there some standard way to solve this in
bsd4.3.  I seems that dirent.h has to do with directory handling.  

Is there any c-gurus that know how much that has to be rewritten is these

I would be nice to hear from someone else not running on suns, if they have
been successful in compiling r.le programs.  Is it so that dirent.h include
files is standard on all other platforms.

Finally, I have to say that I have written Dr. Baker personally in this 
matter, but I felt this could be of general interest as well.  I think
these programs seems very interesting based on what I have read in the wp
document that was included.


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