Problem compiling GRASS4.1b

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Mon Mar 1 13:14:50 EST 1993

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> Hi GRASSusers
> I tried to install GRASS4.1beta over this weekend without success.
> Here is the tail of the GISGEN.out
> /users/g41/src/libes/proj
>   make -f OBJ.aux/make.rules
>         rm -f OBJ.aux/PJ_aea.o
>         cc -O  -I/users/g41/src/include -DUSE_TERMIO -c PJ_aea.c
> "PJ_aea.c", line 50: HUGE_VAL undefined
> "PJ_aea.c", line 54: HUGE_VAL undefined
> "PJ_aea.c", line 71: HUGE_VAL undefined
> Make: *** Error: Update of `OBJ.aux/PJ_aea.o' terminated with exit code 1
> Make:            [line 152 in /users/g41/src/libes/proj/OBJ.aux/make.rules]
> GISGEN failure at STEP: src/libes/proj
> Could somebody tell me where the header file that define this HUGE_VAL.  I
> didn't have this problem in installing 4.0 on a Mac running A/UX.
> Nisai Wanakule

HUGE_VAL is an ANSI standard macro defined in math.h (sect. 4.5, line 7,
page 112, X3.159-1989).  Its usage is usually as a flag to indicate
failure to compute some type double value.  I would personally yell at
the A/UX people about this but in the mean time you can patch with a
macro in projects.h with something like:

	#ifndef HUGE_VAL
	#define HUGE_VAL 1e100

or some other suitably large value.  HUGE_VAL is used in several other
spots in Rel.4 proj.  Using GNU's gcc with their headers should also work.
Also check that there may be other compiler flags which will force
ANSI compliance---a lot of machines get confusing in this area.

G.I.Evenden, proj author.

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