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In <930301084849*_S=hoffmann_OU=urzdfn_OU=kartographie_PRMD=TU-DRESDEN_ADMD=DBP_C=DE_ at MHS> hoffmann at writes:
>Thanks for your info... but what about the inconvenience of not working
>of the FTP commands "DIR and LS -L"...? It's a little bit difficult to use
>the "LS" only. Ok, our CC-guru's should handle it easier...

The problem with using commands other than 'ls' is some interaction between
the ftpd and the CDC version of Unix.  Someone here has talked to the CDC
people about it, but I think the ball is in their court for the time being.

>That means, the CD-ROM 4.1. release will be not before Summer '93 after
>having finished the beta testing?

Correct.  The idea is that what gets pressed into a CD for distribution should
be as bug-free as possible.  So, everyone should bang on 4.1beta as much as
they can and report anything that is broken. :)

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