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Lars Schylberg (larss at fmi.kth.se) writes on 2 Mar 93:
>I think he must mean the Gstats program in 3.1.  That was replaced with the 
>r.stats program in 4.0.

The program was called Gstat in the article (I might have appended an
's' in my earlier post--sorry). The program was for SECOND--ORDER
ANALYSIS OF SPATIAL POINT PATTERNS based on the work by A Getis (see
chapter 8? in Cressie's book).  The Gstat program described in the
earlier referenced article by Mark J. MacLennan uses sites lists as

The Acknowledgements section of the paper reads:
    ``This project is the outcome of Geography 605: Spatial Statistics,
    a graduate semivar taught in Fall 1990 by Dr. Stewart Fotheringham
    at the State University of New York, Buffalo.''

It was written FOR 3.1 and may not have necessarily been a PART of 3.1.
Any help in locating this program would be appreciated. Thanks.

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