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Subject: grass term testing
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Moments after I ftp'd gnuplot3_3b10.tar.Z  (not gnuplot3_3b9.tar.Z), a new
version of grass.trm, makefile.g and mods arrived.  These have now been
incorporated and ftp'd to the usual places.  The RCS log is one mod behind.


This is the tenth BETA release of Gnuplot 3.3.  For a description of
the new additions see README.3p3.  All names now strictly conform to
the MS-DOS 8 character one case limitation.  There have several
internal name changes due to conflicts with Windows NT and DEC OSF/1
version 1.2.

The beta versions can now be found at the following sites:  (cannot see it
    but it is there...)

There wasn't enough disk space at or for gpcontrib.tar.Z.  Can anyone suggest a
location for gpcontrib?  It now contains a Mac version, an OS-9
version, and a multiple plots on a page version.  It has grown rather

Due to new computer usage policies, I am no longer able to test these
versions on many machines.  Now, more than ever, I need you to compile
and run each version.  The number of mods per beta version is
decreasing and it is approaching a releasable state.  Most of the code
is quite stable.

For the time being, send ALL correspondence concerning this beta
release to

info-gnuplot-beta at

Remember, for the time being, no new features just bug fixes
or portability mods.


Alex Woo

# $Id: makefile.r%v 1993/03/01 01:50:57 woo Exp woo $
# $Log: makefile.r%v $
# Revision  1993/03/01  01:50:57  woo
# R. de Oliveira Apollo mods for 3_3b9
# Revision  1993/03/01  01:45:52  woo
# New Klein.dat data file
# Revision  1993/03/01  01:36:45  woo
# Lewart's cleanup of 3_3b9
# Revision  1993/03/01  01:06:14  woo
# More DEC_OSF mods
# Revision  1993/03/01  00:28:27  woo
# Fixed zrange parse error for parametric splot
# Revision  1993/02/24  02:29:34  woo
# C. Liu's Zortech mods to 3_3b9
# Revision  1993/02/20  18:34:10  woo
# Fixes to some demo files and LATEX font options by J. Holloway
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