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Subject: Re: Installing GRASS4.0 on an SGI workstation?
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This code was written quite some time ago when signals we defined
as return int. This really didn't make sense since they weren't
called in the "normal" manner. They were redfined to return void, but
GRASS was never modified to know this. There are no flags or setup
tricks that can eliminate these warnings, other than to modify the
offending code to declare the pointers to these function (eg tstp_old)
as functions returning void instead of int. Up to now this has been a begign


>I am trying to install GRASS4.0 on an SGI 4D/35TG workstation.  When I
>run the "GISGEN" command, I get a lot of prototype errors that look like

>        cc -O  -I/work/i1a/GRASS4.0/src/libes -DUSE_TERMIO -c V_tty.c
>accom: Error: V_tty.c, line 39: prototype parameter 2 type must have all qualifiers of actual arg (except`outermost`) and pointed to types must be compatible (ANSI,
>           tstp_old = (int (*)()) signal(21     ,       ((SIG_PF)1) ); signal(21        ,tstp_old) ;
>       ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------^
>accom: Error: V_tty.c, line 39: Argument 2 Type Doesn't Match prototype description; prototype:  pointer to function returning void is different from actual:  pointer to function returning int
>           tstp_old = (int (*)()) signal(21     ,       ((SIG_PF)1) ); signal(21        ,tstp_old) ;
>       ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------^

>Assuming that GRASS4.0 is supposed to build properly on an SGI 4D workstation,
>does anyone have the src/CMD/head/head file that contains the proper flags for

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