sites-to-raster conversion

Michael Camann camann at
Wed Mar 10 14:56:05 EST 1993

	I'm trying to convert a site list to a raster file within
The problem is that attempts to create a HUGE tmp file in my
mapset .tmp directory.  It eventually eats up all available space in the
file system (the last attempt created a 200+ megabyte file before maxing
	The site files themselves display just fine within the current 
region.  I need to convert them to raster format for use in r.mapcalc,
	I'm having this problem in both GRASS 4.0 and 4.1beta.  Any
suggestions?  Might the problem be related to differences in raster
resolution between the raster files that I'm using and the sites files?
Can I fix this?

		Mike Camann
		camann at

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