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Dear GRASS Users,

Included is the second Call for Papers of IWGIS'93 GIS conference in
Beijing, China. For more information, please contact:

HUILIN at ubvms.bitnet or HUILIN at

Hui Lin
Great Lakes Program
207 Jarvis Hall
SUNY at Buffalo
Amherst, NY 14260, USA
Tel:(716)-645-3855(Office) or (716)-645-3719(Lab)

Jianping Xu
Rutgers University
Cook College Remote Sensing Center
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                Geo-Information -- Beijing'93

The Third International Workshop on Geographic Information System

                     August 19 - 22, 1993



 National Laboratory of Resources and Environment Information System
 Institute of Geography, State Planning Commission, Chinese
   Academy of Sciences


     National Natural Science Foundation of China
     Geographical Society of China
     National Remote Sensing Center of China
     Bureau of Resources and Environment Sciences, Chinese Academy
          of Sciences
     National Lab for Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping
          and Remote Sensing, WTUSM, China
     National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
          (NCGIA) at Buffalo, the State University of New York at
          Buffalo, New York, USA
     Association of Chinese Professionals in Geographic Information
          System (Abroad), Buffalo, New York, USA

Workshop Objectives

     The purpose of the workshop is to demonstrate and discuss the
integrated geographical information systems which have been
developed and applied to at different levels in the world,
providing a reasonable perspective for strategies of planning,
management and decision making in the 1990s and into the 21st
century. It is intended to integrate geographical information
systems with remote sensing systems, global positioning systems and
digital simulation technology and to serve the objectives of resources
and environment planning and management. This workshop provides
invaluable occasion for scientists, GIS developers and users to
share their new experiences and new knowledge through presentations
and discussions.


     Papers presenting practical experience and results of GIS
application and development are invited. Topics of special
relevance to the workshop include:

1. GIS development:
     * system design and implementation
     * data modeling and management
     * structure and management of large scale spatial database
     * 3-D GIS and temporal GIS
     * integration of GIS and remote sensing
     * application of GPS to GIS data collection
     * mathematical programming and simulation in GIS environment
     * expert system and other artificial intelligence application
     * data standardization and normalization, GIS policy and law

2. GIS application supported by remote sensing, GPS and
   mathematical models
     * global change
     * land cover change in Pacific Asian region
     * disaster monitoring, assessment and forecasting in monsoon
     * biomass estimation
     * natural resources and environmental studies
     * urban planning and management
     * planning, management and decision making in regional

                         Call for Papers

     Papers in English in camera-ready copy form should be
submitted by 15th June, 1993 and the abstracts should be submitted
by March 30, 1993 to:

     Professor Huiguo Li and Dr. C. H. Zhou
     National Lab. of Resources and Environment Information System
     Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences
     Building 917, Datun Road, An Wai
     Beijing, 100101, China
     Tel: (861)-491-5096/4240/3470
     Fax: (861)-491-1544/4896

     The official language at the workshop is English.
     All papers accepted will be included in the workshop proceedings.
Papers should not exceed 15 single-side sheets of size 16 cm (wide) by
20 cm (high).

                        Important Dates

March 30, 1993          Abstracts submission due
June 15, 1993           Camera-ready copy due
August 19, 1993         Registration and check-in
August 20 - 22, 1993    Workshop

                        Academic Tutorial

     Geo-Information -- Beijing'93 is to be held in conjunction
with International Symposium on Remote Sensing in Arid and Semiarid
Regions held on August 25-28, 1993 in Lanzhou City, China. A tour along
the Silk Road from Lanzhou--Jiayuguan--Duenhuang--Tollufan--Urumqi will
be organized after Lanzhou remote sensing conference. If you will have the
tour, please contact

        Mrs. Fengxian Liang
        Lanzhou Institute of Glaciology and Geocryology
        Chinese Academy of Sciences
        No. 174, Donggang West Road
        Lanzhou 730000, China


Registration (including banquet, refreshments, fast lunches, local
              communication, document and proceedings, all ONSIDE
        Full registration               $180
        Student registration            $100
        Accompany registration          $100 (exclusive proceedings)

                        Hotel Accommodation

        Rooms will be available during August 19-23 at Grant Continent
Hotel in Asian Game Village for a special rate as follows:
        (1) Hotel suite                 $120
        (2) Hotel room with 2 beds
            (two occupacy)              $60
        (3) Hotel room with a
            king-size bed               $50

                        Software Demostration

        There are four working rooms of same size to be available for
GIS software demostration during the conference. For further information,
Please contact
        Dr. Hui Lin
        Great Lakes Program
        SUNY at Buffalo
        Buffalo, NY 14260
        Tel: (716)-645-3855 (O) or (716)-645-3719 (Lab)
        Fax: (716)-645-3667

                        Program Committee

     Prof. Michael Batty, NCGIA at Buffalo, USA
     Prof. Shupeng Chen, LREIS, China
     Dr.   Jack Dangermond, ESRI, USA
     Prof. Jianbang He, LREIS, China
     Prof. G. Konnecny, University of Hannover, Germany
     Dr.   Hui Lin, CPGIS, USA
     Prof. Duane F. Marble, Ohio State University, USA
     Prof. Shunji Murai, University of Tokyo, Japan
     Prof. David Rhind, Ordnance Survey, UK
     Prof. D.R. Fraser Taylor, Carleton University, Canada
     Dr.   Roger F. Tomlinson, Tomlinson Ltd., Canada
     Prof. Zhizhuo Wang, WTUSM, China
     Prof. Guanhua Xu, LREIS, China
     Prof. Anthong Car-on Yeh, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
     Prof. Liang Yip, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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