floating point | null data in GRASS!

Greg Koerper greg at towhee.cor2.epa.gov
Thu Mar 11 19:58:56 EST 1993

Our research group uses GRASS extensively, but as our attempts to integrate
modelling with GIS evolve, we are encountering limitations.  In particular,
it fails to support:

	1.  floating-point data representation
	2.	distinction of null data from true zeroes

Both issues are important in building a productive linkage between GIS and
models, as well as GIS and data visualization systems.

I'll be at the conference in RESTON, VA and would like to meet with other
GRASS users, both analysts and programmers, whose applications would benefit
from inclusion of these capabilities in GRASS.  I would like to develop 
user community support to set these goals as priorities for version 5.0.
I also wish to discuss the nuts and bolts of implementation, including
data storage structures, and library and utility modification.  

If you are not able to reply by email on Friday March 12, please leave a message
for me at the Hyatt Regency.  I plan to get as broad a posting of this as 
possible at the conference, so watch bulletin boards, etc. for scheduling of



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