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Agustin Lobo lobo at Jasper.Stanford.EDU
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> Thanks, your tip seems (close) to doing the trick.  My only problem now is that
> I am losing the bottom frame line on the map.  I still don't understand what
> the 'scale' option in p.map.new does.  Nothing that I assign to it seems to
> affect the size of the hardcopy map.  -- Cliff B

I had a similar problem and I submitted it to bugs.report. The answer was
that p.map is not intended to be used with the ppm programs and, so, we lose
the scale. Your scale would be respected if you were working with a driver for your printer. So, the answer you have got is the only solution. Nevertheless, although we can get quite easily a plot which would fit in one page, I was not able to get a particular predefined sclae (say 1:50000). p.map should be modified to
directly generate postscript as output. 

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