Who is experienced with GRASS on LINUX?

Kuo-Chen Chang harry at atlas.socsci.umn.edu
Fri Mar 12 13:32:26 EST 1993

I have managed to compile grass4.1beta under TAMU version Linux and SLS
version Linux.

So far, a few modules are not available -- r.weight, r.combine and 2 (maybe
3) in image processing modules.  The only reason was the lex.  I am not
familiar with lex.

One other thing is the C/R is lost.  I don't have time to look into 
termcap.  Someone suggested me reset terminal.  But it didn't work
for me.

Otherwise, GRASS4.1 is much better than 4.0.


	harry at puff.socsci.umn.edu

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