floating point | null data in GRASS!

Bill Hargrove hnw at mtqgrass.ESD.ORNL.GOV
Fri Mar 12 14:01:05 EST 1993


     I don't really see the big deal about floating point maps and zero vs
no data problems.  Multiply by 10 times the number of decimals of accuracy
you need to take care of the first problem.  Shift all category values up
one notch to take care of the other.

     IMHO, a much more severe limitation to the current implementations of
GRASS is the current XDRIVER.  The named fifo pipe technique is a kludge at
best.  GRASS needs *real* X-window support, including more than 8 plane

     The people at CERL are aware of this (and even a little defensive
about it).  All such imporvements take, they are quick to point out, is
time and money ...
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