Conference Delayed ??? :-(

David Schell (OGF) dschell at
Sat Mar 13 23:02:55 EST 1993

It looks like most people are expecting to arrive by Monday, some even by
Sunday night. The conference schedule begins with the plenary session on 
Monday afternoon at 2:30, and it is likely that we shall be able to keep 
to this schedule. If for some reason we cannot do the plenary session on
schedule, we will find another slot for it later.

We intend to reschedule as many of the workshops as possible for later
in the week, possibly Tuesday evening, possibly Thursday or Friday..

The weather is giving us a lot of trouble, but we are planning to go forward
with the conference as planned, and look forward to seeing you all there
as soon as you can make arrangements to come.

There is a particularly rich program this year -- Ed Escowitz has put together
a remarkable set of presentations, including more than 90 papers and posters,
and there are 38 organizations committed to exhibit.  There is a great deal
of activity to look forward to, and we expect you will have a very 
concentrated and interesting stay in Reston once you get there. 

I look forward to seeing you in Reston. Good luck with your travel plans.


David Schell
Executive Director
Open GRASS Foundation

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