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In <930315140530*_S=flemming_OU=serv1_OU=INFORMATIK_PRMD=TU-DRESDEN_ADMD=DBP_C=DE_ at MHS> flemming at writes:
>In my current research thises I'm working on a project using GRASS and RDBMS
>like INFORMIX Online. My problem is how to get a disk with GRASS 4.1 as soon
>as possible, cansomebody help me to find that out and how much would that be? 

If you are interested in the beta version of GRASS4.1, you can obtain that
currently from the CERL FTP site (  That will give you
a head start for when the final release of GRASS4.1 comes out.
    If you are interested only in GRASS4.1, the release date is planned for
sometime in or around the middle of May.  At that time, CERL will make the
release available from the FTP site for free.  Distributors will, of course,
offer GRASS sources and training for a fee.  Also, sometime during the summer
a CD-ROM will be available; I'm not sure what the current information as to
date and price is.

Rob Knauerhase [rob at]  Office of GRASS Integration
Construction Engineering Research Labs, US Army Corps of Engineers
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