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Anantha Prasad prasad at
Wed Mar 17 14:46:09 EST 1993

> I would like to know which is the best way to convert ARC/INFO grid files
> to GRASS? 
> Thanks!
> Stefan Jaeger
> Dept. of Geography
> University of Heidelberg
> Germany
This is the way I do it:
r.out.ascii map=yourmap>yourmap.ascii

yourmap.ascii will have grass header information that needs to be changed to the header arc/info requires. So type "help asciigrid" in Arc and it will tell you the header format that arc/info needs. You need to change the grass header to the arcinfo header by editing yourmap.ascii. Then use, asciigrid in arc.
Anantha Prasad
prasad at

Note: I have told you how to convert grass raster to arc
the other way round is also similar....gridascii yourmap yourmap.ascii
and change the header from arc to the one grass requires.

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