Neel Smith nsmith at polar.bowdoin.edu
Fri Mar 19 15:52:31 EST 1993

> Has anyone out there used s.surf.tps to generate an elevation map from 
> digitized contours.  I am having difficulty producing reasonable results.
> Thank you,
> Daphne Nickisch
> dnickisc at chief.ecn.uoknor.edu

Yes, quite extensively.  It takes a LOT of fiddling with the parameters --
I don't think there's much theoretical help;  it's an empirical job.
If you've got specific problems, I'd be glad to offer any suggestions
from my experience.  You should certainly get in touch with Helena
Mitasova at CERL, who wrote it -- she's very helpful.

Good luck.

Neel Smith
nsmith at polar.bowdoin.edu

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