SCITEX Library Type 30 and German Digitial Data

AJR ruggles at lambert.GEOG.UCSB.EDU
Sun Mar 21 18:17:54 EST 1993

Pleading Mail from another soul lost while reading data.

We have approximately 72-quads worth of German Digital Data
  - Rasterdaten der Topographischen Karte 1:50,000 -
in Scitex Library Type 30 format and we would like to get
this into either Arc/Info or GRASS for a regional scale
archaeology project. 
We are having trouble reading the data. 

So, if you have ever successfully read this type of 
data into Arc/Info, GRASS or even ERDAS, could you 
please tell how you did it, and consequently tell
us what we are doing wrong?

We would also be very interested to know what GIS and near-GIS
programs read SCITEX Library Type 30 data so we can try to
kluge together a chain of conversions if necessary.

Finally, is there anything unusual about the format of this
data, run-length coding, etc. that we should know about?
We have some mail from the Landesvermessungsamt
Baden-Wurttemberg that makes us think this might be the case,
but our German and GIS-ese isn't technical enough to know
if this is or will be a problem for getting this into Arc/Info.

I've just tried to sign onto this list and I'm not sure
if I made it yet, so it would be best to reply to me directly.

Many Thanks from the 7th Circle of GIS Purgatory

Amy J. Ruggles
ruggles at

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