comparison of data

Lars Schylberg larss at
Mon Mar 22 02:09:34 EST 1993

There is many ways to do this, but my favorite program r.mapcalc could be 
a good start.

echo " map1 != map2)" | r.mapcalc

Then you could examine what values that have changed with r.stats
and count numbers of pixels at the same time.

r.stats -c,map1,map2


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> Hi
> I,m a new user of GRASS,and I'd like to be able to compare maps (with
> the same categorie values).Does anybody know how to do it?
> I've got map of vegetation with ,for example 5 or 10 classes,and
> I'd like to get the DIFFERENCE between those maps.It 's look
> easy to combine or overlay map in Grass,but I just can't find
> useful commands to make comparison...

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