help with subscribe

Jennifer Robinson robinson at
Mon Mar 22 11:19:02 EST 1993

I have tried to subscribe to the grass users list bz inserting
the following as a one-liner in a mail file sent to grassu-request.

SUBscribe Jennifer M. Robinson

I keep getting back a message telling me to include my name.
What am I doing wrong?

Also, DIR as a request gets the following response 

Cannot find file directory

ls -l/sd1h/listman/grassu/arc

. . . followed by the ls from the above file.

Is that what's supposed to happen?  Is there any way
to learn what is in the archives before porting them?


	Jennifer Robinson

	Umweltforschungszentrum Leipzig-Halle GmbH
	Angewandte Landschaftsoekologie (=UFZ-ALOE)
	Permoserstr. 15, O-7050 Leipzig, GERMANY
	Phone/Fax : 49-341-235-2784 / -2511
	email: robinson at  or robin at
note: phone numbers of the form 49-341-2392-XXXX are no longer
valid.  The numbers above should work worldwide but the lines are
often overloaded.

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