colortables and colr2 directory

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Mon Mar 22 10:02:22 EST 1993

Lars Schylberg writes:
> Today I had some problems with colortables.
> My current mapset from grass startup is mapset1
> I run d.colors on a raster cell map that is in mapset2.
> Then is seems that the valid colormap for this cell map ends
> up in  "mapset1/colr2/mapset2/cellmap".   
> I spent over one hour looking for this changed colortable before I found it.
> Could someone explain this mystery with the the colr2 directory and if
> this is documented somewhere.  What is the idea with the colr2 directory.
Since it is possible to have map layers with the same name in different mapsets,
GRASS has to have a way of storing custom colortables that allows this. 
Custom colortables for map layers in YOUR mapset will be found under the 
directory "colr". Custom colortables for map layers in OTHER mapsets will be 
found under "colr2/othermapset" . Once you've got it figured out, it's no 

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