xgrass on DECstation? (strdup undefined)

Neel Smith nsmith at polar.bowdoin.edu
Wed Mar 24 11:08:46 EST 1993

Seeing xgrass in Reston was enough to convince me it was
time to make it.  I made grass4.1beta without any problems,
but am stuck on xgrass at xgrass/display :  the loader
can't find strdup.  Sure enough, it's called in lex.c
(and declared twice!), and not defined in any of the code
in src/xgrass/display.

Have I missed a header file somewhere?

I'm compiling on a DECStation 5000, X with Motif;  the
X headers seem to be in order.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

Neel Smith
nsmith at polar.bowdoin.edu

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