coordinate transformation

Gerald I. Evenden gie at
Mon Mar 29 09:12:01 EST 1993

In regards to the cartographic transformation process for DOS, program
proj, distributed with GRASS or available from, will
deal with cartographic-cartesian coordinate transformations.  So will
GCTP-II available in source form the USGS and Geodetic Survey (they are
different).  Proj and the Survey's programs are available for the cost
of an Internet download.

Unmentioned in previous communications is the fact that the inquirer
may also need the 1927-83 datum transformation.  At the moment, I believe
the Geodetic Survey's NADCON is available (executable only) at about $90.

I had made proj.4 available as a DOS executable during early stages of
development and will re-release the final form it in the near future.
Because proj runs as Unix tool program, it executes in DOS without
supplementary packages such as MS's Windows.

Finally, the cost of a commercial package does seem a little steep
since the only value-added that was needed was the Windows interface.

Contact me directly if you are interested more details.

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