Jean M Messersmith messerj at
Mon Mar 29 10:51:55 EST 1993

If you use the command, you can display sites with a color from the color
chart of your printer (eg, shinko or tectronics). You can print out the color
chart for your printer with the p.chart command. Each color has a number associated
with it, so in your script you could specify a color in the following way:

sites archsites
color 95
icon diamond
size 2

This would create a lime green diamond. You cannot choose a number for a color
in the d.points or d.sites command. You can, however, use it for any component
of the script that references a color. 

Review the manual pages for p.colors,, and p.chart. This color referencing
is very useful when creating a symbol for a legend. This insures that the color
for a category of your raster map will match its symbol in the legend. See the
article that Melissa Records wrote in GRASSCLIPPINGS, Vol. 5, No. 2, Summer 1991.

Jean Messersmith

>In response to:
>I would like to display sites with colors that are
>not the standard named colors available in d.sites,
>and d.points.
>Is there any way to use an RGB ddescription (or equivalent)
>for a sites display?
>Edwin Welles

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