DEC 5000 4.1beta compile summary

Bill Hargrove hnw at mtqgrass.ESD.ORNL.GOV
Tue Mar 30 12:21:22 EST 1993


     I thought that I would summarize the compile problems that I had with
4.1beta on a DECstation 5000/200 running the latest version of ultrix:

1.  The setup program, as unarchived, was not executable (this is a small
problem, but one that would stump a beginner).

2.  The DEC machines do not properly make the 2 version.h files.  One of
these is under $GISBASE/src/include/version.h and one is under
$GISBASE/src/libes/gis/version.h.  I had to add an explicit target line of
the form:

all: version.h $(GISBASE)/driver/$(PGM) 

  to the XDRIVER/XDRIVER/Gmakefile and to the

3.  There should be some warning or indication that there will be a
permissions problem if the src/general stuff is made as user grass, as I
suspect most novices will do it.  User grass probably will not have write
permissions to /usr/local/bin, a common destination for gmake4.1beta and
grass4.1beta.   Users need some text somewhere to suggest that they either
do that part of the make as root, or temporarily allow user grass to write
to /usr/local/bin (or wherever).

4.  I had a gmake failure at src.alpha/imagery/i.smap.  There is a
redeclaration of print_N and print_alpha().  They are declared as void, and
then redeclared as static void.  I commented out the void declaration, and
i.smap made successfully.  I haven't tried it out, though.

5.  Everything else works OK.  I haven't got xgrass going yet, and I have
had some problems with CERL/raster/r.rvi and r.traj.  Also, I can't get
NPS/ to go.

     Hope these experiences have been turned in intime to make the 4.1
release deadline ...

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