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Ronald Wiemer ronald at
Wed Mar 31 08:11:41 EST 1993

We use HCL-eXceed/W, It is an X emulation package which runs with ms-windows.
It works fine, even with 16 color VGA, allthough you will have very limited
standard color possibilities for displaying vectormaps e.g. We noticed one
problem when using HCL-eXceed: When using d.zoom the GRASS-window is erased.
This can be solved, by modifying the Xdriver wich comes with grass. 
We have a novell netwerk installed with LAN workplace for dos, but you can
also use other TCP software. We also tried Desqview/X from Quarterdeck, 
this program didn't work with grass, It had problems with grass-colortables.

Ronald Wiemer

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