UTM Zones

Jim Nolan jim%sar_ws at sun1.wwb.noaa.gov
Thu Nov 4 15:50:32 EST 1993

I am having a problem displaying a map of the Great Lakes.  I have imported and ARC\INFO lat. long. file that I am able to display in GRASS fine.  However, I run into a problem when this file is imported as a UTM file.  When I display, all lakes are displayed one on top of another.  I'm wondering if GRASS has a problem working with more than one UTM zone (the Great Lakes are in zones 15-18).  If anyone out there has any solutions I would REALLY appreciate it!!

Thanks in advance,
Jim Nolan

P.S. Please send any responses to my mailbox as I am having difficulty getting a correct return address on the GRASS list.

jim at sar_ws.fb4.noaa.gov

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