g.gnuplot usage

Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Mon Nov 8 09:47:32 EST 1993

Someone asked me recently about plotting contour maps with g.gnuplot.
I thought this might be good for the general public. The scripts,
r.to.gnuplot and v.to.gnuplot, are on pasture.ecn.purdue.edu
in pub/mccauley/grass.  


> For raster, 
> GRASS-GRID> r.to.gnuplot raster_file > data
> GRASS-GRID> d.mon sta=x0
> GRASS-GRID> g.gnuplot
> gnuplot> set parametric
> gnuplot> set contour base
> gnuplot> set nosurface
> gnuplot> set view 0,0
> gnuplot> splot 'data' notitle with lines
> For vector,
> GRASS-GRID> v.to.gnuplot < $LOCATION/dig_ascii/file > data
> GRASS-GRID> g.gnuplot
> gnuplot> plot 'data' notitle with lines
> Now, to get postscript output,
> gnuplot> set term postscript
> gnuplot> set out 'tmp.ps'
> gnuplot> replot
> For FrameMaker output,           gnuplot> set term mif
> For gpic (groff),                gnuplot> set term gpic
> For more options,                gnuplot> set term

James Darrell McCauley, Purdue Univ, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1146, USA
mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu, mccauley%ecn at purccvm.bitnet, pur-ee!mccauley
** will finish PhD/engr in 9/94 - need job. inquiries welcome (no hh, plz) **

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