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> Sorry if this is a repeat message, I'm just figuring out the list procedure.
> I am trying to run GRASS on a SparcStation10 running SunOs 5.2
> Can I use the compiled version from the moon or do I have to get the source?
> Can I run GRASS on this machine at all?
> thanks, Jim Zollweg zollweg at

I asked the same question and here's the reply I received from
Jim Pyrzyk (CERL):

There is a version of grass binaries on moon explicitly for Solaris 2.x
It is in /grass/incoming and it is called grass4.1u1sol2.tar.Z (I think)

- Jim Pirzyk

As it turns out, the binary version he mentions does not run under Sun 5.1
because it requires a shared object that was not part of the 5.1
release, but was part of the 5.2 release.

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