GRASS 4.1 on DEC Alpha?

Kenn Gardels (CEDR-REGIS) gardels at
Tue Nov 9 15:13:22 EST 1993

> "Bob Harrington" (bobh at writes on 9 Nov 93:
> >I know questions like this came up recently, but I don't
> >know if they were ever answered: has anyone successfully
> >compiled GRASS 4.1 on a DEC 3000/300 running OSF 1.3?
> it has been done by a commercial outfit, but has
> anyone done it that is willing to share diffs?

You are probably talking about Osiris, in BC, which worked on the alpha
port.  As far as I know, their port is not complete.

We attempted the port here, and it actually went very smoothly, with 
minimal code modifications; many of those have been added to the patches
to the 4.1 release.  The current status here is that although everything
is now compiled, the display of raster maps is not possible due to a word-
length problem.  There is a (possibly related) problem with displaying
fonts.  As far as I know, all raster analysis functions work correctly (and boy 
are they fast!!!).  I occassionally have region problems in lat/long.  Also,
note that vectors are not sharable with 32-bit systems.

We don't have a timetable right now to try to fix the remaining issues.
If someone is interested in tackling this, I could arrange a guest login
on our alpha grass host.


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