Extracting Site Data from DLG-3 Files

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at cast.uark.edu
Tue Nov 9 22:46:22 EST 1993

David Hoover writes:
> A colleague in the northeast asked me to relay this question in hopes
> of receiveing a quick answer from other GRASS users.
> He is trying to import data from an ARC-INFO system via a DLG file.
> The DLG has point data in it represented as degenerate lines.  He can
> read the file and see the point data, and the v.in.dlg program recognizes
> the lines and comes back with a message about degenerate lines.  The file
> also contains 1 line that represents a quadrangle boundary.  After
> importing the file to GRASS, he only gets the quadrangle boundary and no
> point data even as degenerate lines.  He know this because when he runs
> v.support, it only shows 1 processed line.  He is running version 4.0.
> What can he do to read in all of the data from the DLG?

If you still have access to the original data in ArcInfo, it's a heck of a lot
easier to bring it straight into GRASS, using the command v.in.arc, in the 
UNGENERATE format. If you need specific directions, write me.

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