help in compiling XGRASS

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Wed Nov 10 11:58:34 EST 1993

Xin Zhuang (zhuang at writes on 10 Nov 93:
>#ifdef IGRAPH
>#define rint(x) ((double) ((int) ((x) + 0.5)))
>Can anyone tell me what "IGRAPH" is for? Any hint regarding
>this compilation would be appreciated.

I would guess that your machine (SCO) does not have rint(). IGRAPH
probably stands for Intergraph. Try the following:

/* #ifdef IGRAPH */
#define rint(x) ((double) ((int) ((x) + 0.5)))
/* #endif */

A more permanent fix may be to put
#define G_rint(x) ((double) ((int) ((x) + 0.5)))
in one of the GRASS include files and replace all occurrences
of rint() with G_rint().

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