COMPLOT 7000 Users of World, Unite!

S. E. Walker guernsey at
Wed Nov 10 14:29:27 EST 1993

	I've just put a configuration file for our 
COMPLOT 7000 (Houston Instruments) digitizer on the moon
under /grass/incoming.  It's called 'cp7000fa_12' and is the
product of the efforts of Darrell McCauley and John F. Reid.
Many thanks to them for getting me going -- it seems to be
working quite well with v.digit (4.1)!

	Perhaps it will allow a few COMPLOT 7000s to be
brought out of storage or will serve as a useful example
for others going through the tortuous process of developing
their own digitizer config file.

Sharyl E. Walker
Dept. of Agricultural Engineering
University of Illinois
guernsey at

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