Installing Binary version Grass4.1

Wenli Yang yang at
Wed Nov 10 16:33:56 EST 1993

I am trying to install the binary version of Grass4.1 on our SUN
SPARCstation 2 (with SunOS 4.1.1 Rev B).  I got all the files in
the directory "grass/grass4.1/release/binary/sun4" from Grass
ftp site "".  According to README file, I can
use   "cat [dist] | zcat | (cd [destination]; cpio -icdmv)"
to unpack all the cpio format files. I got certain error messages 
when I tried to do so:

 cat bin-sun4.cpio.Z.0001 | zcat | (cd /n/grass4.1; cpio -icdmv)

>cpio: Can't read input: : No such file or directory

 cat bin-sun4.cpio.Z.0002 | zcat | (cd /n/grass4.1; cpio -icdmv)

>zcat: stdin: not in gzip format
>cpio: Can't read input: : Error 0

According to the README file, I should change the value of GISBASE
in following files:


But I didn't find any files by that names at above FTP site. Can
anyone out there tell me what is the problem?


Department of Geography
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
yang at

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