Raymond Venneker venn at geo.vu.nl
Thu Nov 11 07:34:36 EST 1993

On Nov 10 1993 Andreas Holz <asholz at cip.informatik.uni-erlangen.de> wrote:
> Hello GRASS-Users,
> 	is there someone, who compiled XGRASS on MOTIF 1.2.2?
> 	Is there a patch list?

I've tried but it failed (for SunOs 4.1.1). Recently I discovered the
following lines in /usr/include/Xm/XmP.h:

  #ifdef XM_1_1_BC

  /* The following symbols are OBSOLETE and SHOULD NOT be used.
   * They are provided here as a source compatibilibity convenience,
   * to support the transition to the Motif 1.2 source environment.

I didn't find the time to try it out myself but the following should
solve part of the problem:
Add -DXM_1_1_BC to the line XCFLAGS = ...  in your gmake head file
(...../grass/src/CMD/head/<architecture>). But check out XmP.h first,
it also checks for XmNO_BC_INCL.

Good luck, Raymond

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