scale problem using ppm-files

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Mon Nov 15 10:24:46 EST 1993

Sven Fuhrmann writes:
> 	I have a little scale problem in GRASS4.1 and I hope you will be
> able to help me. 
> 	I have access to a Canon CLC 10 Color Laser Printer (Canon IPU) 
> which has a dpi of 400x400. Unfortunately I do not have a Canon CLC 10
> driver. In order to solve this problem I do create a ppm-file in GRASS
> using In a second step the ppm-file will be transformed to a 
> postscript-file using the ppmtops command under pbmplus (written by
> Joe Postkanzer).
(lines deleted)

Why don't you try instead? Even though it doesn't offer all of the tools
of (or especially of, I think you'll find that the output to
be of better quality.

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