v.to.rast failures ( and related? v.support problem)

Bjorn Svensson bjorn at geog.GEOG.UCSB.EDU
Mon Nov 15 13:21:53 EST 1993

I have two interrelated problems.

1.	I have a vector layer consisting of a bunch of areas.  
	When I do a v.to.rast, some of the areas don't transfer.  
	I've checked with d.what.vect and some areas have a value 
	on the vector version, but on the raster they have 
	become (0) meaning nothing.
	What could the problem be?

2.	On another vector layer of areas, the v.to.rast works fine.
	Except that after I do a "v.support option=build" a few
	areas dont transfer.  The output looks like this:

WARNING: area 5 label: 3 matched another label: 3.
WARNING: area 32 label: 4 matched another label: 4.
WARNING: area 3 label: 2 matched another label: 2.
PNT_TO_AREA failed: (693691.590762, 3959246.402942) (Category 2)
PNT_TO_AREA failed: (693700.923745, 3959055.076807) (Category 3)
PNT_TO_AREA failed: (693685.767299, 3959246.756544) (Category 2)
 Number of lines:   113
 Number of nodes:   90
 Number of areas:   32
 Number of isles:   10
 Number of atts :   35
 Number of unattached atts :   3
 Snapped lines  :   0

	The areas that dont transfer are the "PNT_TO_AREA" failures
	which makes sense, but why does it work if I DON'T do
	Sometimes it seems to help to use v.digit to break,remove,
	snap, label the areas, but only some times.
	Why do some labelled areas become unlabelled (unattached atts)
	when I do a v.support?
	And what does the WARNING: area 5 .. mean?

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