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Lawrence Houston houston at
Tue Nov 16 01:58:54 EST 1993

On Mon, 15 Nov 1993, Craig A. Miller wrote:

> I have recently installed GRASS on my linux box.  Unfortunately, I am having
> trouble getting the XDRIVER to work.  I believe my problem is with my terminfo
> file.  In the docs that I recieved with the binary distribution of GRASS, 
> I was told to use one of the files in the term.tar.z file.  Unfortunately,
> this file is no where to be found.  Does anyone know where I can find this
> file other than ftp?
> The error message reads:  
> Could not find the terminfo file /usr/lib/terminfo/x/xterm


Middle of last month Andy Burnett was kind enouth to made the GRASS 4.1
(Update Package 2) binaries and term.tar.z available on his Linux Based
Host (/pub/grass/grass4.1).  I had no problems
related to Terminfo installing both on a Linux (Slackware 1.0.4, 0.99pl13)
host.  Andy is also running a WWW Server (XMosaic) on the same Host which
provides support for Linux! 

Lawrence Houston  -  (houston at 

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