scale problem using ppm-files

Anabel Donadios anabel at
Tue Nov 16 10:01:46 EST 1993

Hi Sven:

The are only one difference between ppm-driver from 4.0 to 4.1, this is in
the $GISBASE/src/paint/Drivers/ppm/npixels.c file. In order to solve the bug
of ppm driver and scale parameter in Grass4.1, if you don't have
the old code, you could change the line :

>if (NULL==(p=getenv ("HEIGHT")) || sscanf(p,"%d",rows)!=1 || *rows<0)

by the next line

<if (NULL==(p=getenv ("HEIGHT")) || sscanf(p,"%d",cols)!=1 || *cols<=0)

and re-compile the ppm driver.
Then, the ppm driver will work well with the scale parameter.
Thanks to Philip Verhagen for your help about this problem.

Anabel Donadios

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