Image processing histograms

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Tue Nov 16 19:14:14 EST 1993

Lesley-Ann Dupigny (dupigny at writes on 16 Nov 93:
>temperatures in GRASS4.0. I would like to be able to generate a hard copy
>of the histogram of the count values (similar to that from d.histogram),

The following example produces postscript output. This could be easily
modified for TeX, FrameMaker, groff, or whatever.

% r.stats -qc i=temperatures o=temp.histo
% g.gnuplot
gnuplot> set term postscript
gnuplot> set out ''
gnuplot> plot 'temp.histo' with impulses
gnuplot> quit

(then print

g.gnuplot is not part of 4.0 but will be in 4.2. It is currently
available via anonymous ftp from in
grass/incoming/g.gnuplot3.5.tar.Z. Included in this is a manual.

I'm assuming that the -qc flags exist in the 4.0 r.stats...

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