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Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Wed Nov 17 11:34:09 EST 1993

Daniel Rodriguez writes:
> Is it possible to run a do loop in GRASS4.0 with a scipt file. I need to convert
> 254 dlgs into coverages and trying to avoid doing this manually. 
GRASS programs run directly under UNIX, and most are adapted specifically to
work with standard input and output in command line usage. Without using shell
scripts you are missing out on half the power of GRASS. If you don't already
have one, you owe it to yourself to get a book on shell programming; my 
personal choice is UNIX Shell Programming, by Stephen G. Kochan and Parick H.
Wood (Hayden Books).

To give you a specific answer, there are both "for next" and "do while" 
structures in Bourne shell. I'll leave it for you to look up the syntax.

Happy scripting!!

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