p.map.new legend - no font

Scott Wade wade at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Thu Nov 18 10:03:31 EST 1993

Teresa Hansen (Ft. Lewis, WA, USA) wrote:
> Does anyone know if you can specifiy a text style in the p.map.new legend?
> I see in the manual that you can specify text size and color but there is
> no mention of style.

  Yes.  The user can apparently specify the font for legend text by using the
  "textfont" parameter.  Usage is:

	textfont font

  within the "legend" instruction set, where "font" is any valid font
  name as listed in the "Valid font names" section in the "p.map.new"
  manual entry.

  There are more than one problems here:
  * The manual entry is incomplete - it needs to specify all valid
  * The "textfont" parameter is valid in "legend", while it is invalid in
    the "text" instruction (just "font" is valid there).  Consistency is
    needed - users should not be guessing about valid names.
  * Sometimes it is difficult to decide what the best name should be -
    "textfont" is redundant, but it corresponds well with "testsize",
    "textsize", and "textcolor".  [I prefer the simple "font".]
  * All instructions that include text in p.map.new (e.g., barscale, grid,
    legend, text, etc.), should probably have a "font" parameter.

  BTW, my hardcopy 4.1 manual has the parameter "textfont" in the
  "text" instruction for "p.map.new", but my on-line manual has
  "font", which is the one that works in my current version of GRASS.
  If one doesn't work at your site, maybe try the other...

  [Remember:  p.map.new is alpha code.]

  -Scott Wade   wade at zorro.cecer.army.mil

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