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>Hello GRASSers,
>	I`d like to know more about RIM, MAPGEN, GCTP, pbmplus and xgen. Are these softwares free? If so, how can I get them?
>	Thanks,
>			Julia

Regarding two items on your list: MAPGEN and GCTP,

MAPGEN and its associated graphics system, and the cartographic projection
system are on ftp anon (  Please get
and read file pub/README for details.

GCTP or General Cartographic Transformation Package is a product of both
USGS National Mapping Division (NMD) and National Geodetic Survey (NGS).
At last sampling, the NMD version is more recent and the better product
IF you want only FORTRAN subroutines.  NMD and NGS versions provide
forward-inverse transformations for about 22 and 18 projections respectively.
An unofficial NMD version is available as pub/NMD.gctp2.for.Z and the
NGS version is pub/GCTP-II.tar.Z.  Sorry, no computer readable documentation.
Perhaps someone with an OCR could rectify this.

In all due modesty, one is better off using the PROJ.4 system rather than
messing with GCTP.

I have tried to coax NMD into Internet distribution but to no avail.

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