Changing comma into point

Peter Krell krell at
Fri Nov 19 11:28:32 EST 1993

Hello GRASS-Users!
I am new to GRASS and got a few problems which I think could
easily be solved. I am using GRASS 4.1 on an IBM RISC System 6000,
AIX 3.2.
When running "g.region" in interactive mode, GRASS uses to change the 
entered values by setting commas ","at the end of each value, followed
by "000000".
So when the input is "5712300", GRASS turnes it into "5712300,000000".
Then, when starting a graphics monitor with "d.mon" I get an error:
           region for current mapset is invalid
           line 3: <north: 5712300,000000
           run "g.region"
The same problem appears, when running "r.buffer" in interactive mode.
Also when using v.digit to label areas or something, the result is a
dig_att-File containing only values with commas instead of points.
In this case, I always have to change all values by using an UNIX
editor (vi or ed).
Is there something in the code that I can change, so that GRASS 
automatically set points instead of commas?
Anybody have any clues?
I would be grateful for your help!

Rolf Krell
krell at

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