Monitor fails to "paint" any text menus

Michael Hill mhill at []
Sat Nov 20 05:13:48 EST 1993


Since recently installing the Grass update package (1), none of the menus 
eg. d.zoom nor graphics labelling eg d.labels return text on the graphics 
monitor. This means that using menus is somthing of a memory test. 
Labels from p.label DO appear, as formatted, on output from But on 
the graphics monitor, menus appear without the text and labels appear as 
little white bands!!! Most unhelpful!!

What is going on?

I have not changed anything. It is not some strange X color thing since 
changing .Xdefaults has no effect. Using the old or new XDRIVERS also has 
no effect.


Michael Hill

Michael J Hill
Research Scientist
CSIRO Pastoral Research Laboratory, Armidale, NSW, Australia,2350.
E-Mail address: mhill at

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