graphic window on RS6000 aix3.2

Tim Szeliga tim at
Mon Nov 22 17:47:24 EST 1993

> I've compiled grass4.1 on an IBM RISC6000 (AIX 3.2) and it works fine.
> I just have a problem that I had not seen on other machines:
> The graphic window that I open with d.mon does not get redrawn when
> I resize it, iconify it or simply when I put another window over it.
> I pressume this is not a grass problem but I have to define something
> on my .Xdefaults or .xinitrc files. Anybody out there working with
> Rs6000 has any idea of what to do?
> Thanks,
> Agustin Lobo
> Dpt. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
> Princeton University
If you are running AIX 3.2.2, upgrade.  It was taken care of in 3.2.3.

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