An apology

Tue Nov 23 14:29:49 EST 1993

and Ronald Thomas writes:

#Okay, which one of you out there has put that STUPID auto-confirmation
#message on your system?  Other than reading the same messages twice, (you
#know, sent to both list's when most subscriber's get both list's in the
#first place), this is the most annoying glitch to come along in awhile!
#                       Ron T

Hello Fellows,

I am very sorry for the inconveniences this auto-confirmation message
I have set for my mails has caused. Please accept my apologies for
that. This has never been a problem on other listservers. However I
have disabled that option and I think everything should be fine now.

But it is worth noting that some of us will have to understand that
human beings are liable to errors; and to mind the way we attack each
other when someone falters along the line. Thanks and guidance.

Note: I am grateful to all those who responded to my quest on user-
support for grass. To overcome this hussle and tussle in downloading
files, I will rather appreciate going in to purchase an already
prepared documentation on grass. And this is the info I am searching

            That is the result of being too careful with your life!
                               Take it Easy, Man...

                     Wadada talking to you.... dub-and-a-dub

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