RCPT confirmation

Wed Nov 24 13:16:18 EST 1993

It has been brought to my notice that every time I read a message on 
this list a 'RCPT Confirmation' is being sent to the entire field.  I 
have never set the reciept confirmation option to 'Y'.  I have also 
checked with our system controller.  They are at a loss to understand 
the reason.  If your mailbox is getting cluttered up with mail from 
me, I apoligise but it is out of my control. 



Ashantha Goonetilleke
School of Civil Engineering   Queensland University of Technology
GPO Box 2434   Brisbane 4001   Australia

Tel  61 7 864 2046   Fax  61 7 864 1515
Internet address    a.goonetilleke at qut.edu.au

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