GRASSHopper Digest Editors sought

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Wed Nov 24 08:03:55 EST 1993

>> Any advice I offer to this list is offered for free, and I **DO NOT**
>> give permission for it to be published for profit!!

>I was afraid somebody would say that.

If we are all truly interested in the continued growth of GRASS and in
assisting others with learning how to use GRASS then there should be
no objection to the printing of a digest of the useful postings. The
spirit of the GRASS community has always been one of helping each other
in whatever way we can. While I personally, like Ron Thomas, do so freely
and with no expectation of remuneration I realize that there are numerous
individuals and companies that are making money by using GRASS. There is
an increasing number of subscribers to this list who are not as
Internet literate as some of us that spend time cruisin the net. These
people may not be aware of the archives on moon and the fact that they can
find the same information that Mark is suggesting that people pay for. If
it is the difference between someone not having an answer or paying
someone for a synopsis of the useful posting I say let Mark publish
his digest. Some people have no desire to wade through the archives 
lookig for something that addresses the problem they are experiencing.

As long as I am on my soapbox - when someone posts an inappropriate
posting perhaps we could be a little more civil in our responses. It is
quite easy to determine who the original sender was and if you feel
that you really must flame them at least do it to their private mail and
not embarras them for the entire list to see. Besides the rest of us 
really don't care to read all the crying and nashing of teeth that
some people feel is necessary every time some of the less experienced
subscribers post something in error or inappropropriate. There is to 
much for us all to learn from one another we really need to encourage the 
use of the list by others. One inappropriate response from someone can
keep some people from ever posting to the list again, thereby decreasing 
the population of GRASS users/programmers that I may learn something from 
if they were to maintain their activity on the list.

Lets keep the GRASS community growing and help one another without
ANY restrictions on our comments or expertise. Go for it Mark - if
someone wants to pay for the digest let them - at least they will then
have the info in hand.

Pat McClanahan		Internet:mcclanah at
EROS Data Center 		 mcclanah at
Sioux Falls, SD

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