d.rast.inf help, please

James A. Farley jim at cast.uark.edu
Wed Nov 24 10:03:19 EST 1993

Christine Weiss writes

> Subject: d.rast.inf help, please
> Hi,
> Does anyone know what the following error message means when using d.rast.inf:
> Row/Column error on SQL output.
> The following is the command I'm using:
> d.rast.inf -s sql=regen.sql input=ent output=ent_out
> The proper number of rows are retrieved. I just keep getting this output error.
> Thank you very much for any help.

d.rast.inf requires that two columns are selected from the database.
The first is a foreign key which "points" to features on a raster
map (eg. is associated with grass category values for the
raster map specified on the command line). The second column
is the one that is parsed for unique values which are used to
construct the reclass map for display purposes. The following
SQL select code fragment illustrates the process. 

        SELECT UNIQUE tractbna,pop100 FROM
        WHERE pop100 IS NOT NULL
        ORDER BY pop100 
{ Note: The ORDER BY phrase must be included and
        specify the COL to base the reclass on

In this example tractbna is associated with categories in 
a raster map and the resulting categories in the reclassed
map are derived from the values in the column pop100.

Jim Farley      	Technical Director, CAST/NCRI-SW
jim at cast.uark.edu	575-6159

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