data in STK PIC and GIF format:

Andrea Giacomelli andreag at
Wed Nov 24 17:38:09 EST 1993

I have received some data that I would like to browse, obviously
none of which is in a quickly accessible format.
The documentation suggests using xv to view the data, but I would
like to have the whole thing on GRASS, because I  will probably
need to go beyond plain viewing (and also because I would like to
avoid installing a new utility for every data file I load).

The data is in three formats:

.PIC and .GIF
Probably I may use pbmplus ???? (I tried to compile it, but I have not
yet tried it on a file)

This is STOKES MATRIX FORMAT (compressed). Used to store SAR data.
it contains a large header and then the radar info.

Does anybody have an idea of how to deal with the thing ???

					Andrea Giacomelli
					andreag at
					Politecnico di Milano (I)

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